Sunny Days Down South - 2


On arrival at Weymouth, I felt I could exhale and relax for a while after what has been a difficult year, having planned to come to Weymouth earlier in the year but then suddenly losing my precious father....

Weymouth is busy place in the summer, nevertheless has a relaxed feel to it and is full of inspiration for any artist. It has lots of lovely places to eat around the harbour area or a short walk away, my favourite restaurant of the week was 'Crustacean' which served a wide selection of locally 
sourced seafood, in lovely surroundings.

I hadn't realised what a popular pastime 'crabbing' was, but all along the harbour sides were buckets full of crabs and people young and old dangling their nets, waiting in anticipation to see what their catch would be.

The crabs were then thrown back in to the harbour to be caught again by the next eager crabber.

Our bait, we did however find we were more successful with bacon after trying small fish  then some prawns!

          Coastal Canines - some very trendy dogs in Weymouth!


The lovely Cove Gallery 


Lots of gifts to buy for the wood lover.

Just another place I would't mind living in ... one day!

There are also lots of places to go to get away from it all, one of which was the fabulous 'Abbotsbury Gardens'which I thought was even more fabulous when I saw a selection of my greetings cards in their gift shop which I had licensed to Milkwood.  

Lots of beautiful flowers and plants in a tranquil setting.

Fantastic sculptures including this one carved in to a 
tree trunk.

 The wonderful view from the gardens of the coast.