Cornwall - Day 3

Day 3 got started after a light breakfast with a visit to Merezion. The weather didn't look so good and I was hoping the sun would again make an appearance, which thankfully it did a little later.

Looking out towards St Michael's Mount

Mousehole was my next port of call which I assumed would be pronounced how it looked, it was in fact pronounced 'Mowzel' or something similar. I decided it was  a lot easier not to say it all which was quite easy seeing as I was travelling alone.


Interesting 'shabby chic' or at least shabby ... where you were trusted to pop money through the slot for scallop shells - cute.

View out to sea.

Not wanting to offend anyone I felt it necessary to partake of the local delicacy and I have to say it deserved its outstanding reputation.
yum, yum and yum!!

I don't usually accost strange men (not that I'm saying he was particularly strange and had a very lovely tan!) especially those sporting bare legs but I had to enquire about the dog, purely for my daughters benefit you understand. 
It is a cross between a Bichon and Jack Russell. 
I think you will agree this is the cutest dog in the whole world?

After another walk around Mousehole it was time to leave and visit some friends over a lovely lunch for a good old chinwag before setting out again on my travels.... you know who you are!

I then went on to visit the quaint harbour at Porthleven. apparently Porthleven is well known for its surfing, presumably not in the harbour. Anyway not wanting to show anybody up I decided to keep my feet on dry ground.


Kynance Cove

Here endeth my travels on day 3