Studio Re-Vamp Part 2

After much deliberation the exact shade of grey that would change the universe was picked! It is hard decorating as an artist, not that we are fussy, MUCH!! We just know we don't like that shade of grey!! So after trying not to spend more on the match pots than the actual tin of paint the colour was chosen and the work started. The shelving was custom made as I have so much gear to put on the shelves, I didn't want to risk an avalanche of stuff one day falling on top of my precious iMac. I hadn't really factored in how long it would take to do three coats of paint on some shelving, not a job I would like to do again when I am in a hurry.
Then came the inevitable trip to Ikea, I found some items to add to the office which are extremely useful for filing various items away out of sight and for print storage.

Mmm which colour??

Ooo don't you just love putting furniture together ... erm NO especially multiple pieces, thankfully a friend came and rescued me on the home run.

The noticeboard was made from an existing frame that I had which had been used at one of my trade shows. I then added the cork-board on to the backing board. A shelf was put up underneath and plastic containers hung for pens, pencils etc. The above shelving on the opposite side of the room is a much better solution than my bookshelves as it does not take up any floor space,  the things I don't often need to access are placed higher up.

Charity shop find - £8.

The chair on the left my friend found for £10 and with a little sanding looks great. Just need to find a new fabric for seat cover to finish off properly. The little cute chair I have had since my childhood. The fireplace was painted another shade of grey instead of the stark white which seemed to suit the style better, A gallery rail was fixed to the wall with a wire hanging system to enable a quick change over of paintings. Finally a subtle white blind put up for the window instead of the previous bedroom style curtains.

The paint cost more than the cabinet but I love the result.
The grey velvet chair on the right is from TK Maxx.

Most of the other items in the studio I already had or they had been tucked away in a box ready for the right time. After all the sanding, painting , putting furniture together and the seemingly unending sorting through stuff, it was finally time to dress the studio and make it look professional yet functional.
Part 3 will show the final look - Watch this space!!