Studio Re-Vamp - Part 1

Starting the new year off in my studio did not fill me with a great sense of excitement. I had been making do for a few years to focus on getting my business of the ground and other things took priority, rightly so. It felt like a home space rather than a studio space and everything was higgeldy piggeldy as a lot of artists studios are. We are not renowned for being the tidiest of individuals .... who said that! 
You have to do first things first and the aesthetic of my studio did not seem like a matter of urgency. Increasingly however I felt I wanted to be able to market my paintings from my studio in a way that would show people how they would look in their own home rather than just posting the image itself on social media. After a long chin-wag with a good friend, throwing round business and marketing ideas we came to the conclusion that my studio needed an overhaul and to be made into not only an inspirational space to work in but also a workable space for marketing purposes.
Here are some before shots - embarrassing !! This must have been on a VERY creative day:)

It was suggested I had a gallery wall to hang the artwork on, using the hanging systems that they would use. This would make it easy to put up and take down my work without creating a patchwork of holes all over the wall. This area would have a cosy living room feel, the other area would be where I could do admin and mac work. 
The third area would be for my painting and art supplies. Hence a dream was created and a plan put in place, the following week is when the hard work began. It was really helpful working with another creative mind on this project and someone who has great ideas on how to use space well but also doesn't mind giving a much needed helping hand!

I was busy in my old studio apart from this day which was staged!!

It was great to take the carpet up and to have old wooden floor boards underneath even if they are a bit worse for wear. A bit of scrubbing and scraping and they do the trick.

Ready for action with my cuppa! No tea-No action:)


Watch out for Part 2!! to see the beautiful transformation.