Day 2 - Whitstable & Tankerton

Day 2 was spent exploring Whitstable which was in the midst of the oyster festival. I have a confession to make, I don't think I've had oysters and not sure I ever will but you never know.

Erm....maybe next time !

Results of 'next time' not!


Apparently a fabulous place to eat, heartily recommended by the locals.

Some really quaint little shops, galleries & cafes.

Lovely gallery and inspiring work of artist Bruce Williams.

Harbour Gallery

Very cute.

This cute little place was up for sale - I guess Ed must have found his mermaid!!

Harbour view

I have an urge recently to live by the sea, this kind of home would do nicely. I have always loved American style wooden clad homes so this on the coast is a nice mix with a large studio attached where I can make lots of creative mess and have open studio days! 
One day, I can see it happening!

 Love the pastel coloured beach huts dotted along the coast.
Also came across a what looked like a wonderful wedding venue 'The Artist's Beach House'. Looked great but as there was a wedding celebration going on 
felt it wasn't the done thing to start taking pictures of the scene,  tempted as I was.

I finished my day off at Tankerton where there were yet more beach huts.