Bonnie Scotland - there's just something about it!

I have just returned from a five day break to Perthshire. Scotland has that certain something that draws you back. I spent most of my childhood holidays visiting grandparents and relatives in Edinburgh, rolling easter eggs down Arthur's Seat and strolling down Princes Street, part of a beautiful city with the dramatic castle perched on one side and the hustle and bustle of busy shoppers on the other.
In my twenties I had the privilege of living in Inverness for ten months and every time I travelled up there I would be in awe of the scenery particularly Glen Coe, so dramatic!
Since I have started painting landscapes I see potential paintings everywhere I turn, my ten year old daughter isn't so impressed as I make another stop to take numerous snaps of the hills and skies, eyes roll as I comment on how the lighting is on the clouds and how beautiful the heather looks. One day she will appreciate it more, I have noticed her taking her own snaps of dramatic sunsets so something is rubbing off.
I definitely think the one above will be transformed into a painting, watch this space and if you have never visited Scotland, take a wee break and drive up there, you will not regret it one bit.